Horses on Ice 2013

February 15 2013 | Sport

Saturday, March 23, the fifth edition of Horses on Ice (HOI) will take place in Haarlem (NL, near Amsterdam) on a 400 m skating rink. Horses on Ice is also the European Championships on Ice 2013. The first participants will enter the ice on 23 March at 9.00 am, and that will be the kick off for HOI 2013. This will be followed by a day of fire, flowing manes, spectacle and excitement during a amazing event. Many international top riders can’t hardly wait to go on the ice in Haarlem, and set the floor on fire. Names like Nils Christian Larsen, Uli Reber, Johannes Hoyos, Styrmir Árnason, Jens Füchtenschnieder, Jolly Schrenk and Högni Fróðason have confirmed their participation. And of course the Dutch World Champion in Pace Test Sigurður Marínusson will be there as well! Tickets can be booked on line.