FEIF Code of Ethics

February 9 2013 | General

The Board of FEIF presented the FEIF Code of Ethics to the Delegates’ Assembly in Strasbourg (F), February 8, 2013. The Code of Ethics does focus on fair play, friendship, respect for others and for the horses. The members of the Board were the first ones to sign the Code of Ethics. Members of committees and other persons connected to FEIF will be invited to sign as well. Member associations are asked to follow this initiative.
Any activity organized within FEIF or its member organizations is a social and cultural activity, which enriches society and friendship between nations. Sport and breeding events are recognized as activities which, if played and conducted fairly, offers the individual the opportunity for self-knowledge, self-expression and fulfilment, personal achievement, skill acquisition and demonstration of ability, social interaction, enjoyment, good health and well-being and the joy of working together with the horses. Joint activities, whether relating to sport, breeding or leisure riding, promote involvement and responsibility in society and the environment with its wide range of clubs and individuals working voluntarily. In addition,responsible involvement in some activities can help to promote sensitivity to the environment.
Fair play and conduct is defined as much more than playing within the rules. It incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and for the horses. Horsemanship and sportsmanship is defined as a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving. It requires everyone to strive to be a role model in his or her own capacity and incorporates issues concerned with the elimination of
cheating, the use of unfair strategies whilst respecting the rules, doping, misuse of nutritional supplements, physical or verbal violence, sexual harassment and abuse of children, young people and women, unethical exploitation or treatment of the horses involved, excessive com-mercialization and corruption.