Doping case at Mid European Championships

January 3 2013 | Sport

The case of the positive medication test from the Mid European Championships for an Austrian rider finally gets moving: our German member association IPZV has taken the responsibility for the case in agreement with the Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung (FN). As reported by the IPZV website Klaus Beuse, chair of the arbitration panel of IPZV, confirmed that the German arbitration panel was in December entrusted by IPZV with further handling of the case and is actively pushing the examination of the case.
A rapid process following the rules of the German FN and IPZV and sanctions adequate to the severity of the delict, in case the A-sample is confirmed, is the aim of IPZV.
Any verdict in Germany will automatically – based upon the FEIF rules – be valid for all 19 FEIF member countries.