Doping rules

December 9 2012 | General

The current situation about a positive doping/medication test at the Mid European Championships in Wehrheim, Germany urges FEIF to review current rules. This case revealed a lack of authority and procedures in our current doping rules. This makes it impossible for FEIF to act directly in a case like this, and maybe also the countries involved depending on the national legislation in each country.
It also made us realise that our rules need further refinement, as they – as far as FEIF itself is involved – only apply to the World Championships.
Our general rule book FIRO refers to the FEI rules when it comes to doping. The FEI is the sole controlling authority for all international events in general horse sport, including Olympic games. However, FEI addresses sport events in a different way as we are used to. And FEI only covers sport events, but not breeding shows.
Sport events and breeding shows in the Icelandic horse world are for most part international events. On the European continent it is rather common that riders from one country compete or show horses in another country, without any special procedures or licenses. Our rules state that membership in one country is valid in all countries. Our WorldRanking and the results from breeding shows are a good example of our international character. In the FEI rules there is a distinction between regional and national events on one hand and international events (with riders for different countries) on the other hand. This leads to a situation where FEI member countries can apply their national doping procedures to regional or national events. FEI is only involved when it comes to international events.
For the Board of FEIF this is the reason to come quickly with proposals to change our rules, to ensure that future cases can be handled swiftly.
Our aim is to develop a system where doping/medication cases at any Icelandic horse event are treated the same way all over the world.
All national chairmen have been approached this week to be informed about the ambition of the Board of FEIF. They are asked to inform FEIF about the situation in their country on short notice.