Good and Harmonious Riding

December 2 2012 | General

2012 Was the year of Good and Harmonious Riding. To stress this, FEIF did ask judges to nominate riders for their fine riding style, independent of the marks given. More then 100 riders were nominated. FEIF wants to congratulate Nils Christian Larsen, Stian Pedersen, Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson and Martin Rønnestad for being nominated at 4 different events in 2012.
The Board of FEIF has decided to continue the emphasis on Good and Harmonious Riding after 2012. From 2013 on, FEIF International Sport Judges at WorldRanking events will be asked again to nominate riders for their fine riding style. The names of the riders will be published on a yearly list, to give all riders again a chance to be nominated many times.