Doping case at Mid European Championships

November 15 2012 | Sport

FEIF has been informed in October about the positive outcome of a doping/medication test of an Austrian sport rider at the Mid European Championships in Germany, which means that a prohibited substance has been discovered.
FEIF has of course a strong attitude against doping and any improper use of medication, both in respect of welfare of the horse and fairness of competition. FEIF strives to ensure that appropriate measures are taken. Our Austrian member association ÖIV has handed the case – following Austrian rules – to the Austrian Anti-Doping Agency NADA. At the same time our German member association IPZV is reviewing the case, as the Mid European Championships were organised under IPZV approval. Unfortutely these procedures take more time then expected.
Based upon FIPO 3.2 any measures taken will be valid for all FEIF member countries. FEIF will keep the member associations and the Icelandic Horse world informed about this case.
At the same time the Board of FEIF is preparing proposals for the member associations to improve procedures to handle positive doping/medication cases internationally in a better way.