Sport Committee Meeting 2012

November 2 2012 | Sport

The Sport Committee Meeting evaluated together with the Sport Judges Committee the system to nominate Good and Harmonious Riding. It was decided to continue the system after 2012. Also the newly introduced system with plus and minus cards has been evaluated. The aim is to show riders that marks have been increased for good riding, or deduction has taken place because of bad (rough) riding.
The Sport Committee also decided to prepare a change in the rules for the FEIF WorldRanking to increase the demands for WorldRanking events, in order to make results more comparable.
Together with the Sport Judges Committee seminars will be planned for FEIF International Sport Judges (April 5-6, 2013 in Berlin), the test for international and national sport judges in September 2013 and a joint seminar with the Education department in April 2014.