Sport Judges at World Championships 2013

October 9 2012 | World Championships

Nine countries did appoint a sport judge for the World Championships 2013 in Berlin (DE): Alexander Sgustav (AT), Carina Heller (BE), Hörður Hákonarson (IS), Laura Pihkala-Posti (FI), Pia Andréasson (SE), Pia Hansen (DK), Rune Svendsen (NO), Þorgeir Guðlaugsson (NL) and Uschi Heller-Voigt (CH). The Board of FEIF did already appoint Eva Petersen as Chief Judge and Einar Ragnarsson as Deputy Chief Judge. 6 more judges will be appointed by a special committee, selected from a group of 15 judges who did express their interest to be a judge.
All judges at World Championhips have to have an international license issued by FEIF, and have to be judging at least 5 WorldRanking events in the period between October 2011 and October 2012.