World Record in Pace Race 250 m: 21.84″

August 22 2012 | Sport

The Swedish rider Albin Af Klintberg with Nítróglusserín från Hella [SE2001100479] has established a World Record in Pace Race 250 m, with a time of 21.84″. The record was established at the Nordic Championships in Eklistuna (S), August 4, 2012.
As of 2011, the requirements for World Records in Pace Races (Pace Race 250 m P1, Pace Race 150 m P3 and SpeedPass 100 m P2) have been changed, requiring electronic timing equipement in P1, P2 and P3 and start boxes in P1 and P3.
By consequence, a new list of World Records in P1 and P3 has been started. The old records are of course still published and valued.