FEIF Hoof Study – next steps

July 17 2012 | General

Special shoeing practices are used in the Icelandic sport horses to enhance expressiveness and regularity of a gait. In order to establish a data base of the current shoeing situation among Icelandic competition horses the FEIF Delegates Assembly 2012 decided to randomly select a representative number of Icelandic sport and breeding horses for an in-depth hoof assessment at four different events in 2012 (International Breeding Show in Herning (DK), Landsmót (IS), Nordic Championships in Eskilstuna (S), Mid European Championship in Wehrheim (D)).
The aim of the study is hoof health and current shoeing practices in Icelandic competition horses by measuring and x-raying the hooves of a representative number of animals. The data will allow an evaluation of the current FEIF rules regarding trimming and shoeing for their ability to ensure hoof health and thus to guarantee horse welfare and fair competition.
At each of the mentioned events, the study delegation under the supervision of a member of the organising committee will randomly draw out 30 horses from the starting list. A certain horse will be examined only once, also if it is drawn a second time by chance at another competition place. Complete assessment will take approximately 30 minutes and will, whenever possible, be carried out subsequently to shoe-check and trot-up. Identity and results of horses and riders will be handled anonymously and confidentially.
So far the studies performed in Denmark and Iceland went very well, the next two studies will be performed in August in Germany and Sweden.