FEIF YouthCup 2012 – trainers and judges

June 18 2012 | Youth Work

FYCup is coming up! In less than a month the FYCup 2012 will take place in Verden. Already, 78 participants in various FEIF member countries are preparing for this event!
The trainers at this FYCup are: Laura Grimm – Germany, Silke Feuchthofen – Germany, Holmgeir Jónsson – Iceland, Sif Jónsdóttir – Iceland and Jacques Pailloncy – France.
The judges will be: Florian Schneider – Germany, Lutz Lesener – Germany, Fi Pugh – Great Britain, Carsten Eckert – Germany, Högni Frodason – Iceland and Henrik Gepp – Germany / Frauke Walter – Germany.