Seminar for German and International Gæðingakeppni Judges

April 16 2012 | Gæðingakeppni

On May 9, a seminar for the renewal of the license for Gæðingakeppni judges will be held by Sigurbjörn “Diddi” Bárðarson and Sigurður Ævarsson on Gestüt Osterbyholz (D, between Flensburg and Lübeck).
Registration for the seminar is possible until April 22, 2012 ? please contact the IPZV Geschäftsstelle: for further details. The participation fee will be approx. 150.- Euro (depending on the number of participants).
At the same time the largest European Breeding Show, a great Gæðingakeppni and a WorldRanking event will take place in Osterbyholz.