FIPO 2012

March 10 2012 | Sport

The new edition of FIPO contains changes decided upon by the Delegates’ Assembly 2012, like Young Riders at World Championships and an easy Pace Test.
At the next World Championships Young Riders (16-21 years) will have separate finals in oval track classes and their own combination winners. Riders between 16 and 21 will have to decide before the start of the World Championships if they want to compete in the Young Riders Class.
A new Pace Test (PP2) has been introduced, allowing each rider three runs, where the results of the best 2 runs will count. The length of the track used is similar to the length in PP1. This test replaces the old PP2, and will be used at the FEIF YouthCup 2012 as well.
These changes in FIPO will be valid for events starting at or after April 1, 2012. Before that date FIPO 2011 is still valid. All changes are listed in a list of changes, available for download. The complete FIPO is also available for download.