Annual Sport Meeting 2012

March 9 2012 | Sport

The Annual Sport Meeting 2012 in Malmö discussed various proposals from the Sport Committee and countries. The major items decided upon are a better description of fast speed in tölt, trot and canter (that it should be faster then medium speed, but not racing speed), the way to implement the new rule of FEI about disqualification of horses with fresh blood during tests, the requirements for FEIF licensed International Sport Judges for renewal of their license and the way judges at World Championships are selected and appointed. Proposals will be prepared for the Delegates’ Assembly 2013.
The meeting also discussed several items brought up by the FEIF Task Force, the implementation of the Year of Good and Harmonious Riding (practical matters for judges, organisers and member associations), the need for a sixth judge at oval track classes (no clear opinion) and the promotion of pace at the oval track. Organisers will be asked to highlight F1 / F2 finals by having them as last final of their event.
Sigurður Sæmundsson and Vicky Eggertson were re-elected as members of the Sport Committee. The minutes of the meeting will be available for download after approval by the participants.