Annual Education Meeting 2012

March 9 2012 | Education

Ian Pugh, director of education for several years stepped down at Delegates’ Meeting and Gundula Sharman was elected to take on the role. Ian has done a great job in his attempt to place the training of riding instructors of the member countries into the European context and thus opened the door for the possibility of future funding by the EU for educational projects. Ian?s contribution was recognized when he was given the FEIF Award at the Delegates? Meeting in Malmö! Congratulations, and many thanks to Ian.
The focus of the education group is to improve standards and to base the training and education of instructors on the latest research. Thus the group welcomes and supports the hoof study ? the impact of hoof shape and hoof length on movement and lift ? which will be carried out over the summer of 2012.
In the context of 2012 as ?the year of good and harmonious riding?, the education group suggest that not only good riders should be listed, but equally that there be a nomination scheme for good instructors.
Good teaching and good riding should come from a sound understanding of the processes at work, and the education group will open a face book page in order to widen access to the discussion of good practice.
It was decided to expand the current instructor matrix to a definition of young horse trainer competences, and we will collate the examination procedures on the FEIF website.
The next FEIF education seminar will take place on 21/22 August 2012 in Holar, Iceland.