Annual Breeding Meeting 2012

March 9 2012 | Breeding

Standardisation of tracks and procedures:
One important issue was the progress in standardisation of tracks. A certification by the national breeding leaders will be made from this year on. Further standardisation, f. e. of the selection of judge panels and procedures during the assessment will follow.
Foal and young horse assessments:
The project to have a common way of judging foals and young horses was agreed upon by a large majority of member countries. A well prepared ?package? of forms, general rules, guidelines and a calculation system, based on the linear description was introduced. We have to thank the working group around Katrin Sheehan, Barbara Frische, Kristin Halldorsdottir and Dough Smith for an excellent work.
Horse welfare and good riding:
Veterinarian Systa Björnsdottir, who presented the report about injuries at LM 2011 made on 335 (sport) horses, attended the breeding meeting. Gudlaugur Antonsson, Icelandic breeding leader showed the current statistics about injuries at breeding assessments in Iceland. Both were very helpful to have more background for discussions. Careful and strict controls, registration of the findings in WF and relevant consequences were conclusions of the assembly. The decision was made to revise the equipment rules within FIZO thoroughly, supported by research data, experts and according to the FEIF Task Force process.
Besides, better information and education of all involved persons was assumed to be most important. Also riders, who present their horses in extraordinary harmonious way shall be awarded in larger breeding shows and over the year in each country.
Breeding committee work on more shoulders:
Two breeders representatives have in addition been elected into the breeding committee for one year: Sussie Lund and Inge Kringeland.