Youth Horse Trekking Tour 2012

February 2 2012 | Youth Work

The FEIF Youth Horse Trekking Tour is on!
Upon request from countries as well as individuals the the FYHorse Trekking Tour is on again and it will take place 18-21 June, 2012, outside Kristianstad, in the southern part of Sweden. This youth event will take place this summer in Sweden at Hejeskogens Islandshästar and Tanja Zabel (a member of the FEIF Youth committee) will host the event. The event is for youngsters 12-21 years old and it costs EUR 250/participant.
The aim with the tour is for the youth to spend some great days together, riding together and having lots of fun together in the Swedish country side. The riding tour aims for pleasure riders with horses (their own or rented) and the ride is approximately 15-30 kilometres per day. The participants sleep outside in the nature and will also be responsible for helping out with the cooking and keeping of the horses. During the ride in the southern part of Sweden there will be a lot of opportunities to swim – with and/or without the horses, and you will most likely see a lot of wild animals like deers, elks and birds.
Further details will be sent to the national youth leaders – please contact your youth leader if you are interested to participate.