Sport Committee Meeting 2011

November 6 2011 | Sport

The FEIF Sport Committee took the initiative to declare 2012 the Year of Good and Harmonious Riding. This initiative is supported by the Board of FEIF. In 2012, at all judges at sport events (and also breeding shows) will be asked to point out riders for good and harmonious riding. This can be riders in any class and at any level. The names of those riders will be published on the FEIF website. The FEIF Conference 2012 in Stockholm (March 2-4) will be the offical start.
The Sport Committee will prepare proposals for tests for young horses and beginning riders, with a different character as the current tests in FIPO and demands based upon what young horses and beginning riders should be able to perform.
The Sport Committee also discussed ways to promote five gait tests on the oval track in a better way. Our pride is the five gaited Icelandic horse, and also in sport the five gaits should have proper attention. Organisers of sport events will be asked to give five gait tests a more prominent place in the program.
As a scientific survey on hoofs and shoeing will be performed in 2012 by the University of Zürich the Sport Committee decided to wait for the outcome before any further changes in the rules about shoes and protective material will be discussed.