FEIF Committee Meetings 2011

November 6 2011 | General

The FEIF Committee Meetings 2011 took place from October 28 – 30, 2011 in Haarlem, Netherlands.
The key issue of the FEIF Committee Meetings 2011 was the TaskForce process and the development of a common FEIF rule book. The first draft of the rule book was discussed in the committees and lateron in the plenum meeting to be able to develop a common strategy and plan. The next step will be a revised draft that will be presented at the Conference 2012 for further discussion.
The Dutch horse fysiotherapist Guy Blom gave an interesting presentation on the topic of hypermobility and hyperflexion and anything learned from this will influence and be incorporated into our rules. Further expert presentations and input from scientific studies in various areas are already planned.