A farewell to Pini

October 20 2011 | General

The Icelandic Horse World has lost an outstanding Swiss member. Friday, October 14, 2011, Fredy (Pini) Lehr died after a one-and-a-half years struggle against lung cancer.

Pini – as he was called by everybody – was awarded with the FEIF Award for his ongoing support for FEIF and the Icelandic horse world. He was member of the Board for 12 years until 2004, when he decided it was time for a new generation.

Pini was active as a sport judge, speaker at national competitions and was editor of the Swiss magazine for many years until spring 2011. He also was one of the organisers of the World Championships 1995 in Fehraltorf and active at the World Championships 2009 in Brunnadern. And – until it was no longer possible – an active rider, outside in nature and sometimes at competitions.

Pini was a typical member of the FEIF Family, always busy to ensure that the focus would not only be on competition and marks, but also on what we define nowadays as ‘passion for the Icelandic horse’. He defined it as: ‘Together we are FEIF’. We can only do it together, which also meant that he was always available to explore new thoughts or ideas, like the first FEIF website, the shortening for FEIF-rules (FIPO, FIZO), the FEIF Feather prize and the additional young riders at World Championships. And reminding us about the necessary ethics in our rules and behaviour.

The moment Pini was diagnosed with cancer he started to define goals that could be reached in the time that was left – and he did make it. One of the goals was to come to the World Championships 2011, sit on the tribunes, enjoy the horses- and have his opinion as we all do – and to meet with his numerous friends from all over the FEIF World. He touched the lives of all he was in contact with and for that we are truly grateful. Pini was married to Barbara Gloor to whom we send our thoughts and compassion.

As Pini knew that the end would come, he already said good-bye to the readers of the Swiss magazine when he stepped down as editor, in a typical Pini way: with a picture of himself on his mare Eva, titled ‘Adieu’.