From Brunnadern in Switzerland to St. Radegund in Austria – day 1 and 2

July 14 2011 | World Championships

Wednesday, 13th, the relay ride started in Brunnadern, the first part was approximately 30 km from Brunnadern to Bischofszell under the lead of Bernhard Res.
If you want to know more about the Swiss relay riders, have a look at the relay blog:

Thursday, 14th, cloudy weather, the group continues to Bischofszell at Lake Constance. Tomorrow the ride is expected to arrive in Friedrichshafen. The weather forecast is very good and the whole group expects a big welcome. More than 30 relay riders will from thereon continue their way to St. Radegund. You want to see the whole group of relay riders passing on the baton in St. Radegund? Then it is time to buy a ticket: