FEIF Youth Horse Trekking Tour 2011

May 9 2011 | Youth Work

22 years after the first successful youth horse trekking tour took place in Denmark the tour is back in business again! Eva-Maria Gerlach wrote the following about the first tour:
“The first FEIF Youth horse trekking took place in 1989 and started at the Danish border, Westcoast. It was planned by the youth representative of FEIF at that time, Eva-Maria Gerlach, with Paul Rask as the Danish organizer of the trail. Participants from several member countries and accompanying adults rode for a week through a part of Jotland. Destination was the European Championships at Vilhelmsborg. It was a very successful event and we learned a lot about Danish hospitality!”
The FEIF Youth horse trekking tour 2011 will take place right after the WC, in the southest part of Sweden (about 30 km from Kristianstad) from August 9-12, 2011. The riding tour aims for pleasure riders with horses (their own or rented) and the ride is approximately 15-30 kilometres per day. The participants sleep in the nature and will also be responsible for helping out with cooking and keeping of the horses.
During the ride in the southern part of Sweden there will be a lot of opportunities to swim – with and/or without the hoses, and you will most likely see a lot of wild animals like deers, elks and birds.
Participants shall be aged from 12-20 years, the language of the tour is English.
If you are interested please contact the Youth Leader of your country for further details.