Revised guidelines for judging pace at the oval track

April 18 2011 | Sport

The Sport Judges have adapted the guidelines for judging pace at the oval track during their recent seminar in St. Radegund. The main purpose of the changes in the pace guidelines are:
– Put more emphasis on the quality of the transitions. Judges shouldn’t forget to look at how the transitions are made because they are too busy looking at exactly where they are made or are even busy with calculating the deduction for the wrong spot in their minds.
– Make more difference between a full long side of pace and a half long side. Maximum is now 2.0 but used to be 3.5.
– Be harder on rough riding. If there is a yellow card for any of the attempts the final marks can never be higher than 3.5 – regardless how good the other attempts were.
– Increase the usability for the judges; fewer fixed deductions = fewer calculations and less bookkeeping.