International Sport Judges Seminar in St. Radegund (A)

April 12 2011 | Sport

43 International Sport Judges from 10 countries can look back at a very succesful seminar in St Radegund (A), April 8-9. St Radegund is the venue of the 2011 World Championships and the place was the right choice for this seminar: excellent facilities, good horses and a fabulous catering. A major part of the time was used for practical judging of the basic gates (pace on the pace track and in the oval track, walk, trot, tölt and canter). Þorgeir Guðlaugsson and Bent Rune Skulevold prepared a presentation (with discussion) about good, bad and ugly riding and the hand that holds the rein. The judges also discussed other ways to validate their license.
A tour around the premises showed the judges what they can expect in August: all tracks are prepared and a lot of space is available for the facilities needed.
On Sunday the 15 World Championships judges met with chief judge Einar Ragnasson and deputy chief judge Eva Petersen to start their preparations for the World Championships.