Youth Meeting 2011

March 3 2011 | Youth Work

Once again the Youth Meeting was a very good meeting where the participants shared their experiences and knowledge of organising very different kind of activities for the youth. IHSGB sent a report and a link to the FYCamp 2011 homepage where a lot of information about the camp can be found.
It was decided to add one easier four gait class to the FYCup. Furthermore an easier five gait and a new easy pace test were discussed and the youth meeting as well as the sport meeting and the meeting looks forward to introducing them on the next FYCup. The youth committee will also provide templates on different levels for the dressage class.
A FEIF horse trecking for youngsters 12-18 years old will take place in the south of Sweden 9-13th of August, each country can send 2 participants and they can either bring their own horse or rent one to a low cost.
The FEIF youth exchange will continue this year, interested youngsters and families will be able to apply via the FEIF website.
For the next WC (2013) it will be possible for each country to send 5 young riders and for these riders it? who on the application form states they are riding in the youth classes ? there will be separate finals..
The 3 committee members standing for reelection, Jet Pels, Catherine Mynn & Tanja Zabel were all unanimously reelected.
Finally the Task Force was discussed and topics are brought forward to the Task Force to continue working on.