Breeding Meeting 2011

March 3 2011 | Breeding

Based upon discussions in the meetings and the countries the Delegates’ Assembly decided there was a necessity to make small changes in the guidelines concerning the relation of the slow tölt – tölt and slow canter – canter/gallop.
Furthermore, it was unanimously decided that the conformation judgement shall last one calendar year, and not only sixty days as it was the rule last year. There shall be no changes regarding the fact that it can only be the conformation of the last assessment which also needs to be a complete assessment.
Among various initiatives to increase the interest in Icelandic horse breeding, the idea to organise a seminar for young breeding riders was discussed already last year. The response of the countries was much higher than expected and so there will be a seminar end of March in Iceland with at least 20 riders.
Based upon the presentation of the work of the breeding judges committee various possibilities to improve the breeding judges’ education in the countries were discussed. At the moment there are 31 international FEIF breeding judges, and to keep their licences breeding judges need to judge a minimum of horses every year apart from attending the seminars regularly. Therefore the number of breeding judges needs to be in correlation to the number of horses at shows every year.
The WF registration group developed the idea of organising internet seminars and Kristín Halldorsdóttir was asked to continue with the work on this idea.
WorldFengur celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011 and since shortly the sport competition results can also be found in WorldFengur!
On the FEIF website two very interesting information documents – one is a document on the DNA procedure and the other is the booklet with approved information – can be downloaded.
Sigbjörn Björnsson, as the breeding representative in the TaskForce group reported about further procedures in the TaskForce group and he will take care to pass on the discussed topics to the TaskForce group when they start to restructure the existing regulation documents.
The meeting passed a proposal to install a working group on linear assessment of young horses to gather more information, to define the structure on how to put information into WF and how to proceed in future to be able to use the data for research as well. The results of the working group shall be presented at the Breeding Leader Meeting 2012.
Last but not least Barbara Frische and Per Kolnes, both members of the breeding judges committee were re-elected unanimously.