Seminar on Hypermobility: What challenges does it bring in riding the Icelandic horse?

March 1 2011 | Education

The Danish Icelandic Horse Association is organising a seminar for judges, instructors and elite equestrians. The seminar will be held in English.
Subjects covered will include bone and muscle anatomy, biomechanical aspects such as the spinal cord’s mobility, hyper mobility, the upper line syndrome, the influence of weights on the hoof and the biomechanics of speed in curves. Questions such as when and where are we damaging the horse and when we are in the ‘grey’ zone will also be discussed.
Horse physiotherapist Guy Blom
Horse veterinarian Sara Mikkelsen
Horse physiotherapist Claus Toftgaard Jørgensen
Equestrian Mette Manseth
The seminar will consist of both theoretical and practical workshops.
Wild card participations will be available.