A thank you to Wolfgang Berg and Jón Albert Sigurbjörnsson

March 1 2011 | General

At the Delgates’ Assembly 2011 in Vienna two board members of FEIF stepped down: Jón Albert Sigurbjörnsson (IS) and Wolfgang Berg (D). Both were members of the Board of FEIF for many years, Jón Albert as vice president from 2005-2011 and Wolfgang as board member from 2006-2011.
Wolfgang Berg was awarded with the FEF Award for his contribution to the Icelandic horse world, also being member of the board and chairman for IPZV for several years. Wolfgang was also responsible for the organization of the World Championship in Rieden, Germany 1999, where these World Championship made new standards within FEIF.
Jón Albert Sigurbjörnsson was awarded with the FEIF Award in 2004 for his ongoing support for FEIF and the Icelandic horse world, both inside and outside Iceland.