Important information for World Championships 2011 sport riders

February 19 2011 | Sport

Riders planning to represent another country then the last World Championships they participated in should be aware of an important change in FIPO. A rider in any team must have the nationality of the country he/she is representing or have had his/her permanent residence in the country he/she is representing, at least since August 1, 2010. But apart from that a sport rider can from 2010 on only represent one country in a specific year. Any change of representation (i.e. since the last World Championships the rider did particpate in) has to be announced to FEIF before April 1 and is valid for the rest of that year. In the event of a first change of representation, the change will be effective immediately. For further changes, a rider shall not have taken part in competitions for the country he previously represented in the two years prior to the first competition he wishes to compete in under his new representation (FIPO
A registration form is available on the FEIF website.