Important information for World Championships 2011 horses

February 17 2011 | Sport

All horses entered (in either breeding and/or sport) at the World Championships 2011 have to be registered in WorldFengur. The closing date is July 1, 2011, 12:00 CET. This means also that a valid FEIF Id number is required for every horse! The data on the horses? registration paper will be checked against the data in WorldFengur.
Please note that the data in WorldFengur will be used in the Programme Book. This means if you would like breeder or owner information to be correct in the programme book it needs to be correct in WorldFengur.
All horses (unless horses coming directly from Iceland, with no stop overs) should be vaccinated properly according to the rules in FIRO. Please be sure to check the vaccination papers in time and correct vaccination when needed.
New in 2011 is that all horses need to be chipped in order to be allowed to participate, the chip number has to be registered in the passport. Please check the chip number with the papers before coming to the World Championships.