FEIF TaskForce Progress Paper 2011

February 2 2011 | Conference

In 2010 a Task Force was set up to review and adapt the rules in FIRO (General), FIPO (Sport), FIZO (Breeding), Gædingakeppni and to establish a FIEO (Education) during the period 2010 – 2013. The FEIF TaskForce process is now in its second year.
The input of many persons answering to a survey is very much appreciated and will be brought in to the process. The overall objective and purpose is to contribute to a positive development within FEIF and the member countries. This will be established by increased co-operation and communication between the board, and the departments/committee members, and the member countries.

The main purposes are to:
– Improve communication and dialogue
– Standardise concepts and formats
– Simplify procedures
– Introduce common methods
– Set standards and quality criteria for rules and guidelines
– Involve and commit committees and member countries
– Improve transparency
– Focus on horse welfare

This work will contribute to better rules and regulations within FEIF.
At the FEIF Conference in Vienna (February 25-27, 2011) the process will be discussed further, and after the Conference the FEIF TaskForce will come back with further information about the projects that will take place in 2011 – 2013.
The results from the survey and the time schedule for the TaskForce work are available for download.