World Championships 2011 in St Radegund, Austria

December 9 2010 | General

2011 will be another exciting year for the Icelandic Horse World, with the World Championships 2011 in St Radegund, Austria. Of course it was a disappointment that Landsmót 2010 – as the major event that takes place every two years in Iceland – had to be cancelled. But the focus is now on the World Championships.
The preparations are in good progress. The FEIF Event Committee (Jens Iversen, Marko Mazeland, Wolfgang Berg) met with representatives of the Organising Committee (Karl Piber and Karina Frauscher) and the Austrian Icelandic Horse Association ÖIV (Piet Hoyos and Johannes Hoyos) to discuss further details. All parties involved look forward to the biggest international event for Icelandic horses in 2011.
For the Icelandic market our Icelandic member associations BÍ and LH will organize a domestic Icelandic event (Landsmót 2011) that will not have the status of a FEIF Event. However BÍ and LH will also put maximum effort in supporting the World Championships 2011. For that reason FEIF will not play any active role in Landsmót 2011, but after the World Championships 2011 FEIF will continue to support Landsmót 2012 and the biannual set up of Landsmót in the even years and World Championships in the uneven years.