Update on the epidemic disease among horses in Iceland

December 8 2010 | General

The authorities in Iceland have updated the information on the epidemic disease among horses in Iceland. The upper respiratory tract infection epidemic in the equine population in Iceland is now declining. By the time the first cases were reported in the beginning of April 2010, it became apparent that the disease was widespread throughout the country and that an epidemic could not be avoided. The infection has now cleared in the majority of riding horses and free roaming herds. Foals appear to have been more susceptible to the infection during late summer and autumn.
From the start, the disease has been characterized as a mild upper respiratory tract infection. Although the infection has in some cases been more chronic than expected, there have only been few examples of complications associated with the disease and the horses recover fully. However, the disease paralyzed the equine industry for almost three months with grave economic losses. Equestrian activities are now resuming under the supervision of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority.
More can be read at http://www.mast.is/index.aspx?GroupId=1448&tabid=1458. A German translation is available at the download section of the FEIF Website.