European Championships on Ice 2011

December 8 2010 | Sport

Flowing manes, thundering hoofs en lots of Icelandic fire, that’s what Horses on Ice, the European Championships on Ice, is like. It is being held March 19, 2011, on the artificial icerink Kennemerland in Haarlem (NL, close to Amsterdam Airport). More than 100 national and international star-combinations will be participating.
Those who have seen former editions of this event, will be sure to go. Horse lovers who never have witnessed this spectacle cannot miss it. This year the organisation is even bigger than previous years. A larger grandstand in the centre of the track guarantees each visitor a good view of the performance of the horses.
During daytime the preliminary rounds of the various classes will be ridden, the finals will take place in the evening. These offer tölt, trot and pace and guarantee lots of exitement. In between the program offers entertaining shows and there are many stands with riding equipment and other interesting articles for those who love to shop. Hot drinks and good food are also available. Tickets for sale on the website .