International Pace Championships

August 24 2010 | Sport

The International Pace Championships 2010 will be held at Basselthof, Isernhagen, near Hannover (D), from 15th to 19th of September. It wil be a combined event with FIZO Breeding Show, FIPO WorldRanking and a great focus on best pace riders and horses. All disciplines like pace test, the races and speedpass will take place with international participation. Also the traditional gæðingakeppni classes and the championate of the best three in 150m and 250m pace race are part of the program. Besides a meeting for pace riders will be held. Guest are very welcome. A new idea is to have a national team ranking in the pace combination which will be tested at the event. Find all information at
Obs! Riders travelling more than 600 km to this FEIF Event do not have to pay starting fees …