FEIF YouthCup 2010 – focusing on the whole picture of horsemanship more than ever before!

July 8 2010 | Youth Work

The FEIF YouthCup 2010 will soon start and this year the focus is not only on the practical but even more important also on the theoretical side of horsemanship.
The theoretical parts are being taught in general by Lisa Grau and the welfare of the horse in particular by Machteld van Dierendonck. Machteld has been working in the welfare committee of FEIF from its start and started teaching about welfare of the horse already at the last FEIF YouthCup. As the youngsters’ general level of riding increases all the time, the youth leaders felt it was time to address the theoretical side a bit more and integrate it into the FEIF YouthCup. Apart from traditional riding theory the welfare of the horse is a major topic for the youngsters on this FEIF YouthCup.