FEIF will focus on World Championships in 2011

July 7 2010 | General

After the decision of our Icelandic member associations LH and BÍ to cancel Landsmót 2010 due to an infectious horse disease, FEIF has been involved in the discussion about an extra Landsmót in 2011.
Landsmót and World Championships are the two biggest events in the Icelandic horse world. They are organized every two years, the first in the even years, the other in the uneven years. They are both part of the yearly rhythm and holiday plans of many Icelandic horse friends. The decision in Iceland to organise an extra Landsmót in 2011 doesn’t fit to this.
Of course FEIF does understand that there is – in the current situation – a need for breeders and riders in Iceland to organize major events in 2011. However, it is the opinion of the board of FEIF, that the Icelandic horse world isn’t big enough to advertise and carry the two biggest events in the same year, especially as they are organized in a period of only five weeks after each other.
Choices have to be made. FEIF carries – together with all member associations in 19 countries – a direct responsibility for the World Championships. This means that the current focus of FEIF will be on our World Championships, in St. Radegund, Austria 2011. The preparations are on schedule and excellent tracks are waiting for the participants, in beautiful surroundings.
After the World Championships our focus will switch to Landsmót 2012 in Reykjavík. The major breeding show, in the capital of Iceland, will attract not only the regular visitors, but also gives us a chance to explore a new approach for this type of events, as Berlin would do for the World Championships 2013.