Trainers and judges at FEIF YouthCup

June 21 2010 | Youth Work

6 Trainers and 7 judges will be present to train and judge the participants at the FEIF YouthCup 2010: Anette Lohrke (TI2), Johannes Hoyos (TI3), Lisa Grau (TI2), Rikke Nielsen (TI2), Þórdís Anna Gylfadóttir (TI3) and Yoni Blom (TI1) will be available as trainer.
Birgit Quasnitschka, Fi Pugh, Johannes Hoyos, Mark Tillmann, Martin Heller, Sandra Pohl (all FEIF International Sport Judges) and Machteld van Dierendonck will be available as judge.
They do their work in a honorary capacity. FEIF likes to thank them for their contribution to FEIF Youth work.