FEIF TaskForce started its work

June 15 2010 | General

Upon approval by the FEIF Conference in February, the FEIF Task Force has begun to work. Over the next three years and under the chairmanship of FEIF President Jens Iversen a team will work on the harmonization and revision of all existing regulations. To this effect five experts for FIPO, FIZO, FIRO and statutes from Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Iceland were appointed.
Since the foundation of FEIF some 40 years ago, the rules, regulations, and guidelines have changed due to the different demands and developments. “Now it is time to put them to the test, to reconcile them with each other and adapt to today’s needs. We want transparent, logical, and coherent rules for all Icelandic horse lovers, which everybody can understand,” said Jens Iversen at the end of the first working session in Copenhagen.
As a first step the member associations, committees and interest groups will be interviewed on current regulations and asked to suggest improvements. In addition, internationally successful riders, breeders and horse people of the Icelandic horse scene will be asked to share their personal thoughts and suggestions. “The feedback from these individuals is important to us, because they all have made the Icelandic horse what it is today. We must not miss this store of knowledge,” said Iversen.
Starting in May and throughout the summer opinions and ideas are collected in an online survey. An initial evaluation will be given in fall in preparation for the committee meetings.
The online survey is available at www.feif.org/survey and open for everybody to share their opinion with the FEIF TaskForce.