FEIF TaskForce Survey

May 31 2010 | General

The FEIF TaskForce is a working group appointed by the Board of FEIF that will be responsible for updating of the rules in FIRO, FIPO and FIZO. The goal is a much better correspondence between the rules with clear goals for the description of horse welfare aspects, the different classes in sport and breeding, the rules about arbitration etc.
This shall be carried through in consultation with and by involvement of all FEIF member countries, FEIF committees and specialists on specific areas.
Now you have the opportunity to share what you always wanted to say about FIPO, FIZO and FIRO. The TaskForce finds your opinion important, and we want to ask you for your ideas and comments.
Please visit the online survey www.feif.org/survey on the FEIF website and share with us your vision, ideas and proposals.