FEIF Task Force

March 14 2010 | General

The FEIF Conference 2010 decided to support the proposal from the Board of FEIF to establish the FEIF Task Force.
The FEIF Task Force is a working group appointed by the Board of FEIF that will be responsible for updating the rules in FIRO, FIPO and FIZO. The goal is a better coordination between the rules with clear goals for the description of horse welfare aspects, the different sport and breeding classes, the rules about arbitration etc.
This shall be carried through in consultation with and by involvement of all FEIF member countries, FEIF committees and specialists in specific areas.
The process will take place from 2010 to 2012 and is due to be completed until the Delegates? Assembly 2013. The members of the FEIF Task Force are: Sigbjörn Björnsson IS, Gundula Sharman GB, Karen B. Rasmussen DK, Florian Schneider DE, Rikke Kromann DK, Susanne Frölich FEIF-Ofice and Jens Iversen FEIF-President.
In May 2010 the latest, the Task Force will publish a plan for the process.