FIPO 2010: from 300 to 250 grams

February 27 2010 | Sport

Important changes in FIPO will be valid as of April 1, 2010. For riders the most important changes are:
– The allowed weight of protective material (boots) is limited from 300 g to 250 g per foot
– Judges are allowed to distract up to 2.0 from a final mark in preliminary rounds in case of rough riding (in combination with a yellow card)
– The length of the hoof is limited to 9.5 cm, with an exception of horses with a stick measure of 145.0 or higher, in which case up to 10.0 cm is allowed
– The maximum number of test per day per horse is limited, depending on the age of the horse: for 5 year old horses 2 starts per day, for 6 years old horses 3 starts per day, for horses of 7 years and older 4 starts per day
A list of changes and the new version of FIPO (FIPO 2010) are available on the FEIF website (