FEIF Annual Sport Meeting 2010

February 27 2010 | Sport

12 Countries were represented at the Annual Sport Meeting 2010: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria and the United States of America. The meeting reelected Sigurður Sæmundsson (IS) and elected Vicky Eggertsson (DE) as members. Alexander Sgustav (AT) had to step down due to other obligations.
A proposal to restructure FIPO to a more logical and understandable document was unanimously accepted. The aim is to give a proper description of the required gaits and tests. At the same time special tests for novice riders and young horses will be added. However this process will require two to three years, as the descriptions and requirements will be coordinated with the breeding department, trainers, riders and judges.
Different changes in existing test were discussed and decided upon. They will be proposed to next years Delegates’ Assembly. However two experiments will be performed in 2010 already: Tölt T2 to be ridden as test for a single rider (like other top level tests; T4 will be added in 2011 as group test) and judges’ marks in steps of 0.1 instead of 0.5. Organisers are required to announce this clearly in their invitations. This will not affect the WorldRanking status of events and tests.