FEIF Annual Breeding Meeting 2010

February 27 2010 | Breeding

After some years of discussion the proposal to change the breeding assessment traits of the breeding committee has passed the DA. So from this year on walk will be 4,0 % (1.5 before), flying pace 10% (before 9) and spirit will be lowered to 9 % from12,5 %. Besides the quality of slow toelt and canter will have more influence on the final mark for toelt and gallop according to new guidelines.
At the breeding leader meeting John Siiger Hansen from DK and Sigbjörn Björnsson from IS were re-elected for the FEIF breeding judge committee.
Interesting information about BLUP (by Thorvaldur Árnasson) and new summer eczema research (by Sigurbjörg Thorsteinssdóttir) was presented. Both presentations can be found in the download section.
Kristin Halldorsdottir and Jón Baldur Lorange presented interesting information on WorldFengur developments. It was decided that there will be a strict interpretation of rules concerning missing reports for spavin- x ray results and DNA proof of parentage for stallions this year.
A further step towards a FEIF-wide system for foal assessment was made. Most countries agreed to use the FEIF assessment form and core rules for foal shows. The data will be collected in a special section in WF to be available for research.
A booklet called ‘Approved information for breeding shows 2010’, will be published by the breeding committee and will be available as a download version on the FEIF website and can be used in all countries as printout version booklet for judges, riders and breeders.
It will be a main goal for the next two years in every country that more breeding mares shall have a FEIF assessment. A concept for this action was introduced by Marlise Grimm and discussed. More detailed information will follow.