FEIF Committee Meetings 2009

November 10 2009 | General

Up until now the FEIF committees arranged their separate meetings and got on with their work. This time the FEIF Board arranged for all committees to meet in the same place at the same time, namely in Haarlem, Netherlands. The advantage of this is that it is so much easier for one committee to consult with another one. Of course, meetings that last for longer than a day are not only conducted in the conference rooms but the conversation spills over into meals, not to mention the bar. And often that is when (seeds of) the best ideas are born.

Like the committees, the FEIF Board also held its autumn meeting at this occasion, whereas the main topics of the meeting were the last and the future World Championships, the planning of the Conference 2010 in February in Odense and of course the FEIF YouthCup 2010 in Kalo (Sweden), the future organisation of the Board and the update of the tactics of our vision-mission document.

Potential applications for EU funding and other sources of funding were one of the main items that were discussed in detailed and some ideas of these funding possibilities were presented to the participants in the panel meeting on Sunday.

In another panel meeting three questions were given to the groups that were built from members of different committees: What would I like to get out of FEIF? What do I want for FEIF? What do I think FEIF need to offer to the Icelandic horse world? Interesting results were presented to the panel and the ideas and suggestions will be part of further discussions in the FEIF Board.