WC Relay Ride – Progress Update

June 25 2009 | General

On Monday, the German relay riders made an extended visit to the home of the president of IPZV Karly Zingsheim. Runa and Karly were great hosts, and following a very good meal, the group walked over the pastures to see the mares, the young stallions and the young mares, and talk shop about horse pedigrees and ideas for future breeding of Icelandic horses.

The relay-riders have been accompanied by a film crew who are making a movie called “The Icelandic Horse and his Possibilities”. The riders have given a good demonstration of tölt, gallop and flying pace. The filmmakers were rapt!

The original group of relay riders, with Marion and Thomas, have had to leave the group now. Thanks for the encouragement from the Heinsdorf association to the Icelandic Horse relay-riders! Now we are looking forward for the next stage, crossing the river Mosel into the province of the IPZV-Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar.