Summary from Annual Chairmen Meeting

March 8 2009 | Conference

At the Annual Chairmen Meeting 2009 15 member countries were represented. The chairmen present gave a presentation of the internal status in their organisation and a status of actions taken in the member countries in order to support the welfare of the horse
The FEIF Board has been in contact with the Minister of Agriculture over the past two years about funds for the work of FEIF. It is so far not clear which possibilities will arise for FEIF. The FEIF Board has decided not to seek for sponsor support from companies where it could be in conflict with the interest of the member countries.
The president informed about the WorldFengur agreement, which now confirms, that all FEIF-member countries can provide free access for their members – a very important step forward for FEIF.
A working group has been working on a proposal for new statutes for FEIF and the first draft was presented. The work out of new statutes will continue with special focus on the arbitration system within FEIF.
Another working group presented a set of recommendations to FEIF on what FEIF can do to support the member countries – with special focus on communication, education, the welfare of the horse and financing of the work in FEIF. A report from the meeting will be presented to the Board of FEIF, and the Board will come back with a proposal on how to improve on the proposed topics.
The Board presented a draft for the establishing of an international FEIF Endowment Fund and a FEIF Patron Scheme. It was supported to continue with these ideas – with the establishment of the Patrons Scheme as first priority.