Seminar for breeders, breeding show organisers, judges, persons interested in breeding

January 15 2009 | Breeding

FEIF, in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Iceland, offers an interesting and extensive seminar at Hvanneyri for breeders, breeding show organisers, judges and all persons, interested in breeding of Icelandic horses.

Among the different topics to be discussed and presented will be:

– The conduct of breeding shows
– Icelandic breeding show organisers will go through their experience with running breeding shows
– How can the breeders use the information presented in WorldFengur?
– “Inbreeding” – a topic to be considered
– Current research on the Icelandic horse
– The assessment of young horses

The minimum number of participant is 15 persons, the price (70,000 ISK = 420.- Euro) includes food and accommodation already. In case of more participants the price will be even lower! Deadline for registration: February 1, 2009