FEIF Conference 2009

January 14 2009 | Conference

The FEIF Conference 2009 takes place in Hamburg, Germany, February 27, 2009 till Sunday, March 1, 2009.
On Friday evening all participants will have the opportunity to explore the Hamburg harbour, the fascinating docks, ferries, cruise liners, etc. and spend a common evening including an evening snack on the ship upon invitation of the Germany Icelandic Horse Association IPZV e.V. On Saturday, February 27, 2009 the IPZV Gala will take place at Hotel Hafen Hamburg and IPZV eV. invites all participants to take part at this great event.

The main theme for the conference will be the welfare of the horses and internal aspects within FEIF, which will be discussed both at the annual departments meetings and in plenum.