FEIF International Education Seminar

January 12 2009 | Education

The sixth FEIF International Education Seminar took place on the weekend of January 9th – 11th 2009 at NHB Deurne, Netherlands.

Although, there was a lower attendance compared to previous years, those braving the bitterly cold weather were treated to an interesting programme of workshops and seminars covering all aspects of good horsemanship and riding.

The panel of experts included:

Machteld van Dierendonck, PhD, scientist in horse ethology, chair of the FEIF Welfare and Veterinary Commission, Emiel Voest, Freestyle Horse Trainer, Marion Schreuder, Senior Lecturer at NHB Deurne
Guy Blom, Clinical Physiotherapist supporting performance Sport Horses, Patricia de Cocq, PhD student at Wageningen University, lecturer at University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch specialising in the interaction between saddle, rider and horse, Geert van Attevelt, Psychologist, Chris Oomen, Teacher of Farrier’s education at NHB Deurne, Judith van Aarle, Physiotherapist for horses and riders at NHB Deurne, Dr.Chris Hannes, Veterinary , Principal Lecturer in Equine Dental Care at NHB Deurne, and Roald van der Vliet, Innovation Manager at Field Lab swimming in Eindhoven